Product Details

Buxus square PB7
14 kg

Fibreglass planter

The upper edge of these planters is reversed twice, which gives these planters a splendid timeless appearance. The planters are manufactured with high-quality reinforced Fibreglass. Because the reinforcement has been extended into the corners, these corners cannot tear out. The planter is coloured through the entire material and will therefore retain its colour. As standard all fibreglass planters are supplied in RAL 7021.

• The products must be unpacked immediately after delivery so any moisture between the packaging and the product is not sealed. This can cause stains that are difficult to remove.
• Fibreglass planters must always be placed directly on a flat surface. Do not place the planters on stones and beams etc.
• Closed circles (connected to a water gutter) are provided in the bottom for the required drainage. In these circles you can drill ± 2,5 cm diameter holes and place an overflow pipe.

• Manufactured with high-quality reinforced Fibreglass
• Frost-resistant (square and rectangular planters inside insulated with EPS)
• Lightweight and very strong
• Coloured throughout the entire material, RAL 7021 as standard
• 5 year warranty

Planting advise:
• Place the overflow pipes in the drainage holes prepared for this purpose
• Fill the container with about 10 cm of drainage material
• A water-permeable anti-root fabric on top of the drainage material
• Use soil that is suitable for the type of planting
• Keep drainage holes clear so that the excess water can drain away

• Available in RAL colours: 7006 | 7016 | 7035 | 9005 | 9010 | 9016 (10% surcharge)
• Recessed wheels are possible for some BUXUS models (indicated in the catalogue)
• Some models also available in gloss (see catalogue and website)
• Professional cleaning and care product available: cleaner+protector
• Overflow pipe for water buffer (5cm) available
• Waterproofing for interior application