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ADEZZ cleaner/protector Bio ADEZZ Bio Cleaner & Protector
1 kg

We recommend that the planter is be cleaned at least twice a year with our Fibreglass cleaner+protector. This ensures that the dirt drawn out of the pores. Then treat the planters with the protector, which provides a protective layer of wax.

User instructions our Fibreglass cleaner+protector:
1. Rinse the planter with a hose to remove dirt (Do not use a high-pressure cleaner!)
2. Spray the ADEZZ CLEANER on the outside of the planter (100% biodegradable)
3. The cleaner ensures all dirt is drawn out of the pores
4. Clean after 1 minute with water and a scrub brush with soft bristles
5. Rinse with water
6. Apply ADEZZ CLEANER with a soft cloth to protect your planters against dirt

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