Product Details

Retaining wall 200 CRCN2.200.2000 inside curve
17 kg

Our retaining walls are the perfect solution for separating lawns, borders and paths. They can also be used as planters. Retaining walls create a strong structural impact in gardens and outdoor spaces.

Our retaining walls offer almost limitless possibilities for creating shape and form. We always have a variety of sizes, angles and curves in stock. The prefabricated, modular system makes it easy to invisibly join retaining wall elements together.

The orange-brown patina on the metal contributes to the bold, warm look of this retaining wall. The colour is the result of a natural layer of rust. Another name for corten steel is weathering steel: weather conditions have a positive effect on this retaining wall.

Corten steel is a metal alloy made by adding copper, phosphorus, silicon, nickel and chromium to iron. When exposed to air, the material forms a protective layer of rust. This natural coating prevents further corrosion, extending the life of the retaining wall.


  • 5-year guarantee.
  • The top edge has a standard width of 50x25 mm.
  • Our 20 and 30 cm high corten steel retaining walls have a standard thickness of 2 mm.
  • The 40 and 60 cm high corten steel retaining walls have a standard thickness of 3 mm.
  • Corten steel retaining walls are very robust, hard-wearing, weatherproof, low-maintenance and durable.
  • Includes prefab system and stainless-steel fasteners.
  • The product can be customised.
  • Products are delivered without rust. The corten steel rusting process takes about 4-5 months, depending on weather conditions.
  • The rust can be fixed by applying Owatrol. This is a penetrating rust inhibitor that forms a protective anti-rust coating. Owatrol protects the retaining wall and stops the rust on corten steel flaking off.
  • Products should be unpacked immediately upon receipt to release any moisture trapped inside the packaging. If the product is left in its packaging, it may develop uneven rust patches.
  • Corten steel should not be used in conditions that are continuously wet or damp.
  • We do not recommend using corten steel within 2 km of a coastline.
  • The weathering process may cause rust run-off.
  • The guarantee expires if you drill or grind in a way that is not specified.